Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger Could Be Released Soon

Users of Apple devices have been waiting for the innovative AirPower charging pad ever since the company announced it alongside iPhone X during its event in 2017. Now, it looks like we might finally see Apple’s first wireless charger making its debut in the near future.

Apple is amongst the companies using the Qi standard

Although Apple usually sticks to its own exclusive standards instead of using what is common amongst its direct competitors, the company decided to adapt the Qi standard of wireless charging for its iPhone X and iPhone 8, as well as for the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Still, the company wanted to find a way to separate itself from the others. This is why Apple has been working on the AirPower pad, a device that will allow users to charge many Apple devices at the same time.

The production of AirPower has began

A recent tweet posted by ChargerLAB from Hong Kong stated that production of the AirPower hardware has been initiated by Apple. The account specified that it is Luxshare Precision that started manufacturing the highly anticipated device. Other than Apple’s wireless charger, this company has been creating USB-C cables and AirPods for the tech giant. According to ChargerLAB, on January 21st another supplier, Pegatron, will start producing AirPower.

The release has been delayed due to technical issues

When announcing the AirPower wireless charger, Apple didn’t provide us with any release date. Since there was a huge delay of the device’s launch, many users started suspecting that something is not right. Some reports were stating that AirPower couldn’t be provided with a big enough number of coils that would allow it to charge smaller devices. Once Apple packed more coils, AirPower was facing communication issues and problems with overheating. Luckily, it looks like all issues have been resolved and Apple’s wireless charger should be released in the near future.

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