Wireless Charging for OnePlus 7 – Should We Expect It?

Due to the fact that Oppo, which is the sister brand of OnePlus, has just become a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), speculations that OnePlus 7 might come with support for wireless charging have begun. As you probably know already, OnePlus and Oppo both operate under BBK Electronics, which is their parent company. This is also the reason why several of their smartphones look almost the same and function quite similarly.

OnePlus 7 might support wireless charging

It is known that WPC is promoting and developing the Qi wireless charging standard, so anyone who’s planning to produce products with Qi wireless support have to first become a member of the consortium. Now that we know that Oppo is officially listed on the WPC site and at the same time it doesn’t have any device that would support wireless charging, we can only hope that upcoming phones, such as OnePlus 7, will support this type of charging.

There is hope for the future

We also know that Oppo has filed a patent for a 15W wireless charging technology in 2018. According to ChargerLab, the company’s technology has already been developed and is apparently ready to use. This was, in fact, confirmed by Oppo itself during a private event that took place last year. Nevertheless, no device with wireless charging capabilities produced by Oppo has been presented until now. Hopefully, OnePlus will make its fans happy and will adopt the wireless charging tech for its upcoming flagship device, OnePlus 7.

At the moment, almost all huge smartphone manufacturers are members of the Wireless Power Consortium, such as Samsung, Apple, Google and Huawei. The specific date when Oppo joined WPC is unknown, but we can definitely hope to see either an Oppo or OnePlus device that will support wireless charging in 2019.

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