iPhone XL is the Next “BIG” Thing that All Apple Fans Have Been Waiting For

Apple shocked everyone last year when it revealed iPhone XR. This is Apple’s first “budget” iPhone and the smartphone looked like it was going to become a worldwide bestselling product. However, this didn’t happen and iPhone XR was struggling to sell. Things were looking so bad that Apple was even forced to cut down on the price of iPhone XR in Japan. With that said, we think it’s safe to say that Apple is going to switch its focus from creating “budget” iPhones and move on to premium iPhones in 2019.

iPhone XL

One of the most anticipated 2019 iPhones is iPhone XL. This is going to be a massive version of Apple’s next-gen 2019 flagship and it will ship with powerful features that are going to make it quite expensive. As we all know, Apple fans are more than willing to pay top dollar in order to get the best that the Cupertino based tech giant has to offer. Therefore, let’s check out everything there is to know about iPhone XL.

Focus on Cameras

Apple creates some of the best cameras in the smartphone industry and it wants to take things to the next level in 2019. The reason why we are saying this is because a recently leaked press render of iPhone XL reveals that the upcoming iPhone will feature a triple camera-setup. This is a never-seen-before feature on an iPhone and it’s definitely going to give iPhone XL and edge over its competition.

Improved 3D Sensing

Apple has not made it a secret that it wants to integrate AR (augmented reality) to iPhones. Therefore, iPhone XL will feature improved 3D sensing which will enable the new ARKit to offer premium AR features and apps to all iPhone XL users. The improved 3D sensing is also going to enhance the security of Apple’s Face ID system.

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