Google Play Store: Important Update Regarding 32-Bit Apps On 64-Bit Devices

Google Play Store has been in the news lately especially thanks to various updates. The latest update for the Play Store has been released in the form of APK.

This is an update format that is exclusive to Android fans and everyone who wants to download the new Play Store APK needs to do it manually. The update 13.1.33 APK brings boosted performance and bug fixes.

Google Play Store to phase out 32-bit apps on 64-bit devices 

Google Play Store will phase out all the 32-bit apps on 64-bit devices by 2021. It’s been reported that all the new apps starting August 1 must be 64-bit.

Apple made the very same move with the 32-bit apps on iOS mor3e than a year ago. Google seems to have taken its time, and the tech giant might have preferred this approach because there are still many 32-bit Android phones and tablets that are still being used by lots of people.

Back in December 2017, Google revealed that the 32-bit applications would eventually be phased out on 64-biot devices and now the company finally offers specific dates for the whole process, Android Police reports.

The changes being on August 1

Starting August 1, 2019, all the new applications and updates to existing apps have to provide 64-bit versions as well besides the usual 32-bit versions. The only exception will be for the games which are using older versions of the Unity engine (v5.6 or older), which have time until August 1st, 2021.

The upcoming requirements will only be applied to apps that are using native code, and the apps for Wear OS and Android TV won’t be affected.

Google detailed the following in an official blog post: “Supporting 64-bit prepares the ecosystem for the innovation enabled by the advanced compute capabilities of 64-bit devices, and for future Android devices that only support 64-bit code.”

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