Windows 10 mmc.exe error – 5 Ways to Fix It

The mmc.exe stands for the Microsoft Management Console which is a Windows process that handles apps like Device Manager, Disk Management, Event Viewer, and Group Policy Editor. The mmc.exe error will say ‘Microsoft Management Console has stopped working.’

Once users get the error, they will not be able to use the MMC utilities until it is fixed. Here are 5 ways to solve the mmc.exe error in Windows 10.

1. System File Checker Scan

Most of the errors are caused by corrupted files, so begin with a System File Checker scan to repair system files. You can do that with Command Prompt:

Open the search box and write: ‘Command Prompt’

Right-click ‘Command Prompt’ -> select ‘Run as administrator’

Write DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth -> press the ‘Enter’ key

In Command Prompt write sfc /scannow -> press ‘Return’ key

You might see the Command Prompt write this message: “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.”

If so, restart Windows.

2. Check Disk Scan

CHKDSK / Check Disk Scan will fix errors from system files – you can perform the scan from the Command Prompt:

Press Windows key + X -> select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’

Write in Command Prompt:  chkdsk C: /r -> press ‘Return’

After the scan is done, close Command Prompt and restart Windows.

3. Clean Boot

Sometimes MMC snap-ins crash because of third-party apps, so perform a clean boot without them to fix the mmc.exe error:

Press Windows key + R -> write msconfig -> click OK

The System Configuration window will open

Select ‘Selective startup’ -> deselect ‘Load startup items’ -> select ‘Load system services’ and select ‘Use original boot configuration’

Go to the ‘Services’ tab and tick ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ to only show third-party software

Press ‘Disable all’ to exclude the third-party software -> ‘Apply’ -> OK

Restart Windows and see if this method fixes the error. If so, pinpoint that problematic app by enabling them one by one (each time rebooting Windows) until the error occurs again.

4. Perform a System Restore

If nothing else works, you can always send your PC back in time when the error didn’t occur. The system restore could also uninstall any third-party program that was probably affecting the MMC utilities. All you have to do is remember the date when there was no mmc.exe error message:

Press Windows key + R -> write rstrui -> press OK

The System Restore window opens and can also include this option – Choose a different restore. If you get it, select it and press ‘Next’

Click ‘Show more restore points’ and see all the restore points – choose one which could fix the error -> press ‘Next’ -> press ‘Finish’ to confirm

5. Reset Windows 10

Last but not least, you can perform a reset on Windows 10 to restore the operating system to the default settings, which should fix the MMC but which also removes apps:

Open the search bar and write ‘reset’ -> select ‘Reset this PC’

A window opens -> select ‘Get started’ in the ‘Reset this PC’ heading

Select ‘Keep my files’ and press ‘Reset’

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