Terrarium TV: The Essential How To Guide

In the digital age many people think that cable companies are too expensive. As time passes the prices continue to grow. TV channels used to be free back in the day, but they was also filled with commercials that would pay the costs. Today most people are annoyed when they are using YouTube and an ad appears out of nowhere.

As streaming became popular a selection of interesting platforms started to surface.  One of them is Terrarium TV, which grants access to a wealth of content for free. Like all things that seemed to be too good to be true the cracks were soon visible.

At some point many internet users fell in love with Popcorn Time. The program allowed users to watch their favorite content, including recently released movies and TV series, for free. Since the app was using a modified BitTorrent protocol the service was quickly brought down under the copyright infringement law.

Terrarium TV employed a similar protocol that was dressed-up nicely in the form of a free-to-download Android APK. While the inner works of the programs could be considered different it basically allowed people to stream torrents and it was clear from the start that story won’t end well.

The fate of the fallen

In the beginning, users went to the official site and got the app. At some point the site disappeared along with the GitHub project. It seemed that the creator or creators decided to abandon the project.

Despite the legions of fans that continue to defend the service it is was clear that the project will be stopped at some point.  Back in September 2018 NitroXenon, the official creator of the app, announced that the service will be shut down and the code will not be released for public use.

Floating in gray waters

While the program itself didn’t offer questionable content some of the sources that were collected weren’t exactly legal. It is likely that NitroXenon pulled the app due to some sort of legal pressure.


Those that wish to view content for free can use legal alternatives like Pluto or Crackle. A strong VPN will allow you to use Kodi, an app that can be configured to access all the content you want without the fear of being exposed to viruses and malware.

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