Samsung’s First Foldable Handset, The Galaxy F, Will Reportedly Be A “Breakthrough In Technology Innovation”

Samsung is expected to unveil two exciting phones in February. As you already know, the first one is the Galaxy S 10 or the Galaxy S 10 X according to some rumors.

As we revealed earlier, Tech Radar reported recently that the phone could be called Samsung Galaxy S10 X.

This is according to a report coming from ETNews which notes that “‘X’ both emphasizes that this is the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy range (as if the ten in the name didn’t already do that), and also stands for “eXperience” and “eXpansion.”

Samsung Galaxy F

The second phone that Samsung is expected to launch in February is the Galaxy F, the first foldable handset of the tech giant.

Back in November this one already got a soft launch but back then, the company only showed the phone’s Infinity Flex screen and the new One UI that will power all the Samsung mobile experiences. We’re also referring at the Galaxy F, of course.

BGR says that according to the latest reports, Samsung is looking to make the most out of the foldable phone experience. This will boast a form factor that not too many handset vendors will have in their stores this year.

Testing new experiences on foldable phones

BGR mentioned The Korea Herald publication which said that Samsung is examining new experiences on foldable phones.

The same magazine reported that the development of the upcoming device might be done in the US at the Samsung Desing Innovation Center. The SDIC I the entity responsible for the design of Samsung’s new services and products according to the same report.

According to all these latest reports, it really looks like this foldable experience is extremely important for Samsung. The phone will definitely be an expensive one, and only about 1 million devices will be made in the first year. Samsung really wants to succeed with this one.

“The foldable phone is a breakthrough in technology innovation,” SDIC head Federico Casalegno stated during a press event.

He continued and said that “For now you design only one interface, but when you start to open up the possibilities, there are new breakthrough innovations that we can imagine regarding how the human and computer interact.”

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