Google Play Store Issues – How To Get Rid Of Them

Whenever Android users need a new app or they need some entertainment, the Google Play Store is the place to go. There they can find applications for anything they want, from games to productivity apps, and the Play Store also offers movies, TV shows and books for its users.

Therefore, the Play Store is essential for a complete Android experience. But what can you do if it is not working properly? Here is how you can deal with the problems of the Google Play Store.

Make sure that Google Play is working

Sometimes Google Play might be down and this could be what is causing problems. You need to check whether the app store works and you can do it by using downdetector.

Clear data and cache

If the Google Play Store is working you might need a fresh start. Try to delete the cache and data of the app. In order to do this, you need to head over to Settings, go to Apps & Notifications and then tap See all apps. Scroll until you see Google Play Store and then tap it. Go to Storage and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. Try to see if the app works now.

Uninstalling updates

Sometimes an update might be the problem. Go once again to Settings, select Apps & Notifications and then tap “See all apps”. Scroll down until you find the Google Play Store and tap it. Select the three dots that show up in the corner and then tap “Uninstall updates.”.

Make sure you have enough storage

Sometimes you might have issues with the Google Play Store because your phone does not have enough free space to download apps. You can check your storage by opening Settings and then checking the Storage section.

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