iPhone 11 To Offer Improved Wi-Fi speeds

While the latest iPhone line was released less than 5 months ago many sources are already discussing the future specs of the 2019 models. The internet is already filled with rumors and speculations and heated debates are discussing the potential features that could be included.

According to one of the sources, the future iPhone will include support for the latest version of Wi-Fi version, namely Wi-Fi 6. This version, also known as 802.11 ax will be significantly faster in comparison to Wi-Fi 5 which is largely used today.

While the new technology is quite impressive, a generous broadband connection and a compatible router will be required in order to benefit from the improvements.  Among the improvements, we can count an extended battery life since the new standard will consume less energy. It will also be more stable and the coverage will be superior.

5G will have to wait

While Apple does like to introduce innovative features on its device it seems that the company will skip 5G support for now. The new standard promises a major speed boost but it seems that it is quite expensive to implement. As of now, the standard is only available in some major cities around the world but the overage will likely increase when compatible devices will become widely available.

It is likely that Apple will wait until 5G chips will become available. It will then choose the one that delivers the best performance in order to deliver the superior experience that made the company popular.

While Qualcomm is offering a suitable 5G chip the two companies are currently involved in a lawsuit that takes place in China. Qualcomm has accused Apple of using two of its patents without permission and asked for an injunction that banned the sale of certain iPhone models in China.

Until an official reveal takes place Apple may change its stance about 5G. After all, there is enough time to improve the device until September arrives.

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