IOS 13 – Apple Podcasts should/will add these features

Load Content from Files App/iCloud Drive

Overcast offers an extremely useful feature, and that is the fact that it allows users to, via the Overcast website (premium subscription required), upload audio files to Overcast. Now users have 10GB of storage thanks to the last upgrade. Apple should do that too.

Tappable Clicks on Time Stamps

Clickable timestamps would be a great feature that Apple Podcasts can add. Overcast has also built this feature and users love it. When it comes to new shows, you might want to listen to only the topics that you are interested in, and this is what this feature is for.

Apple Pay Cash Donations

During the recent years, the podcast industry has flourished thanks to the support services like Patreon and a growing advertising industry. Apple should build in donations into Apple Podcast through Apple Pay Cash. Using Podcast Connect, podcasters could connect their Apple Pay Cash account and listeners will then be able to set up recurring donations to shows if they want to support and also make one time donations.

Follow Friends and Creators

This the last new feature that Apple Podcasts should consider adding in. They should incorporate the following feature from Apple Music. This feature is quite new, but people enjoy learning about their friends’ taste in music and this way they might find new music they like.

If this will be extended by Apple to its Podcats app, it will offer shows the possibility to grow faster are friends could easily recommend episodes and shows. It is amazing that all you need is to use the app as this is an amazing social network. A “For You” tab can also be added to the Podcast app that offers new show information and recommendations based on what your friends have been accessing.

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