Google Play Store – A New Update Has Arrived

Every Android fan is going to tell you that there’s nothing better about owning an Android-powered smartphone other than being first in line to Google’s latest updates. The Android parent releases new updates on a weekly basis, but this should come as no surprise since Google is the world’s biggest software company. With that said, Android fans should be pleased to know that the latest update from Google enhances the performances of the Play Store.

Google Play Store Gets a New Update

As previously mentioned, the Play Store has just received a new update. The Play Store is one of the most important services for Android smartphones and therefore, Google makes sure to keep it updated with all the latest bug fixes and software tweaks.

Nonetheless, the latest update for Play Store features the 13.1.33 build number and it can be downloaded right now in the form of APK. Google always releases its updates in the form of APK at first so that eager Android users have a chance to get them ahead of everyone else.

However, Android fans who don’t want to get complicated and manually download/install the new APK update can always wait for it to be rolled out OTA (over the air). On the downside of things, Google takes at least one week before it rolls out APK updates OTA.

Bug Fixes

Since the Play Store is not a standalone feature and it’s more of a service, Google is not introducing any graphical changes or UI optimizations. Instead of focusing on new features, the 13.1.33 APK update comes with a handful of bug fixes that make sure the Play Store never randomly crashes. This makes the new APK update quite important since no one wants the Play Store to crash because this would mean that all apps and games won’t work anymore.

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