Epic Games Adds Scoped Revolver and Is Working on Improving Fortnite’s ‘Bush’

With the newest reveal from Epic Games, the Fortnite community went crazy. The new weapon added in the game is a scoped revolver – which a year ago a Redditer casually mentioned it on a thread. It seems like his dream has come true, and his design was almost the same as Epic’s model!

But not everyone is happy about this weapon named the Scoped Revolver.

In Fortnite’s news page, the scoped revolver was teased to be a “six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range.” The regular pistol in Fortnite has been mostly ignored by players since it doesn’t have accuracy and neither damage. The new weapon, after its makeover, could draw some attention, but many players that saw the tease thought the announcement was a joke:

I actually thought this was a joke until I saw multiple posts about it, the meme is so real.

Wait for this thing to be vaulted next season once this sub complains about how bad it’ll be.

Last year, a Redditor mentioned that a scoped revolver would be better since it needs an upgrade. Epic Games has since introduced better and different weapons like assault rifles and shotguns, thermal scopes, compact guns and so on.

Probably by “packing a punch,” the new weapon will do more damage, and it will be balanced considering the limited number of bullets.

First the Revolver, Then the Bush!

The Revolver’s remake was just the beginning. The Fortnite dev team is working on many other changes and improvements. For example, let’s take a look at the Bush. On Reddit, the Design Lead of Fortnite, Eric Williamson, responded to a player who complained about the Bush not feeling useful anymore. The player suggested that the item should at least help protect players from a shot before breaking. Eric responded that the Bush would be improved, but not the next patch:

We’ve been looking at ways to potentially improve the Bush’s effectiveness, this is an option that’s been discussed a few times. No adjustments in the next update but it’s something we’ll be reviewing.

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