5G Variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Launch as a Verizon Exclusive

There’s no news anymore that Samsung has been working on a 5G model of the upcoming Galaxy S10 series (as a matter of fact, there might be two models). However, what wasn’t known so far was that the 5G-powered device might be exclusive to just one carrier, for a while at least.

5G Galaxy S10 could be first sold only through Verizon

Based on some messages that were recently posted on Twitter by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, we have a better idea of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. Several details about the storage, RAM, the triple-camera system, as well as other specifications of the upcoming smartphones were revealed. But some news in particular was quite intriguing, as we just learned that the 5G model of the S10 series could be sold only through Verizon, at least for a couple of months.

Only one version of the 5G Samsung smartphone might be first offered through Verizon only

However, not much is known about this yet. We need to keep in mind that probably not all versions of Samsung’s 5G model will be sold exclusively through Verizon first, but rather just one variant with certain configurations. In some of his tweets, Weinbach mentioned that the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 might carry between 256Gb and 1TB of storage, and 8GB to 12GB of RAM. This means that the deal that has been rumored could easily refer only to the most powerful and expensive version of the 5G smartphone, and not to the Samsung Galaxy S10 overall.

Anyway, more details on this should follow soon and we cannot wait for the Unpacked event that takes place on 20th of February in San Francisco, when the Galaxy S10 series will be finally unveiled.

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