GVGMall’s Deals For Microsoft And Games’ Licenses Blow Your Mind And Save Your Cash

2019 just began, and there’s also really some good news regarding software and various popular games to purchase these days. If you really want to try out Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro, for instance, you might be disappointed once you head over to the official website of the tech giant due to the high price tag that it flaunts. Not everyone is comfortable spending that much on a piece of software, but there’s a platform here to save the day.

GVGMall, the best marketplace that takes care of your pockets

GVGMall is an extremely low-cost alternative that you have if you want to get software and games. The trading platform provides various Microsoft programs such as Windows and Office, games and more virtual goods, but at incredibly low prices. And the enhance the joy even more, Miami Morning Star readers get another bonus discount: 3% for games, using the code MR3 and 20% for software, using the code MR20.

The best software discounts are the following:

You can also enjoy a small but significant discount for your favorite games by just using the code MR3. You’ll save 3% of the initial price.

Purchasing the activation key

If you’re wondering if the purchase process is a difficult one, well you couldn’t be more wrong, because things could not work easier.

Let’s say you want to give Office 2016 a try. Now’s the best time to see how this massively popular package of programs works. All you have to do is follow the link, and you’ll see this: “Office 2016 Professional Plus CD key is a Global Key, for 1 PC but do NOT support MAC system. It is Permanent and Authorized. Welcome to order it now in GVGMall!”

Click on the Buy Now button and a registration box will pop up. You can now choose to register or sign in with your account on Facebook, Windows Live or G+. after you log in, just go to the product’s confirmation page and click on Send Order and Input the 20% discount code: MR20. Go to the payment method page, and after paying, you will get redirected to the page with your key.

After getting your activation key, all that’s left to do is head over to Microsoft’s Store, validate your license, and download the Office 2016 software.

The same process goes for any other program that you find on the GVGMall platform. Give it a try and tell us how it went.

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