Upcoming Update v7.20 of Fortnite Will Fix Uneven Ground Issue

It seems that Epic Games will finally fix the uneven ground problem in Fortnite with the release of the v7.20 patch, so we’re definitely looking forward to this new update, which is expected to launch a few days from now.

Low Ground Problem in Fortnite will be soon fixed

If you’re a fan of the popular game, then you know that low ground has always been a huge problem of Fortnite. Every time a player is walking on some ground that is a little bit lower than the area surrounding it, they first need to place walls in the ground, only with the upper part showing. This needs to happen in order for the character to be able to build something so that he can be covered by potential enemies. All of this is, of course, quite frustrating for players, but luckily Epic Games will finally do something about it.

Patch v7.20 will fix the issue with the uneven ground

The upcoming update v7.20 will be released next week, on either 15th or 16th of January, and the company will implement a fix in it that will allow the players to automatically build two walls whenever they find themselves on some low ground. This is amazingly great news for all the fans out there. The new change will protect players against fire from potential enemies, in situations when they might not be aware that the ground is lower.

However, we need to keep in mind that this new feature was specifically designed to be used only when it’s needed, in the rare situations that we’ve just described. Based on the announcement post from Epic Games regarding the new changes, they are designed to work only around walls, so we don’t know yet if ramps and platforms will work similarly. More details on this will probably follow quite soon.

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