New OnePlus 7 Leak Shows Us a Notch-free Phone with a Sliding Design

A new leaked picture of OnePlus 7 has just appeared on Slashleaks and it gives us an idea about how the upcoming flagship will look like and what to expect from it.

OnePlus 7 leak just popped up online

As it can also be seen in the picture above, two phones appear “disguised” in cases: the first one is presumed to be the anticipated OnePlus 7 and the second one is the current OnePlus 6T. Even though the devices have cases, a few details about them can still be observed. What we can easily see in the image is that the new smartphone doesn’t have a notch and it seems to have a sliding design. In case this leak proves to be right, then the new phone developed by the Chinese company might deliver the much-awaited all-screen design to the public.

What’s new about the upcoming OnePlus 7?

When it comes to the bezels, judging by how the device looks like in the leaked picture, it appears as if they are very thin. However, since the device is inside a case, we may not be able to properly assess its design. Therefore, this is most likely just an illusion, so the phone’s bezels will most probably not be as narrow as they look here. Another thing that we can notice is something like a textured alert slider on the right side of the smartphone, located right above the power button. This slider can be found close to the same location as on the OnePlus 6T, except on the new phone it has a red color, which is quite interesting.

For now, we cannot really be sure that the phone we’re looking at is OnePlus 7. However, based on all the details that we can see in the picture, we have all the rights to believe that this might be in fact OnePlus’s upcoming flagship.

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