Tips for a Great Clash Royale Deck – Best Winning Combination

Clash Royale is a great deck-building game but you may feel a little overwhelmed at some point. Follow this guide in order to create a strong deck that will let you win every time.

Select a win condition

The win condition is defined by the card that is used as a major damage dealer. The most common examples are the Hog Rider and the Giant.

The Hog Rider is usually used in a war of attrition, where you want to deal several amounts of medium damage. It is a fine choice for those that want to use a minimum amount of elixir.

The Giant are Lava Hound are tank units that are used when you wish to finish the game quickly by melting the enemy towers. Skillful players can do it in one push.

Pick feasible counter and support units

The clever use of counter units will ensure your victory. Let’s say that we sent a Hog Rider to the bridge. The enemy will sent a swarm unit against it but we can think ahead and send an Executioner. The Executioner will be able stop the swarm unit in a flash and our attack will continue.

Use spells wisely

Spells have a variety of uses. They can help you directly, hinder the opponent and speed up the game. It is very important to learn how to play your spells in order to maximize the benefits they offer.

Here is a general example: Use a Log before you send a unit to a tower. The log will kill the pesky swarms units that await your Hog Rider.

You can also aim enemy units that guard towers with spells in order to damage both of them at the same time. It is advised to look at the meta in order to pick the best spells for your deck.

Use buildings to your advantage

The right building can save a match but it hard to pick one that will work constantly. Check the meta and see if a building is really necessary before you decide to fill the slot.

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