Is GTA 6 In The Works? Rockstar Posts New Job Ads

New GTA 6 rumours are circulating around after Rockstar posted new ads offering jobs. The job adverts contain a lot of details, and we are almost certain that it refers to an artist for the Grand Theft Auto game.

What is Rockstar looking for?

The ad mentions that they are looking for an artist that has experienced to all transportation modes, “including but not limited to Cars, Trucks & Vans, Motorbikes, Helicopters, Planes, Military, and Boats”. The description also mentions that the vehicles “are not carbon copies of existing vehicles – but still retain an essence and design feel of their specific real-world references and associated individual styling cues”. This are exactly the types of cars used in the GTA games.

Based on what we mentioned so far, it is quite obvious that the job is for a GTA game. When it comes to what the candidate should do, the add mentions “the development of new approaches and workflows to facial tracking, facial animation, facial recognition, improving tools/pipelines currently in place” and creating “next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects”. According to these requirements, it appears that the game will be a highly realistic one, and they are even looking for a “Technical Face Developer”.


Grand Theft Auto 6 is a highly anticipated game. GTA 5 was a huge hit, but the game was released back in 2013, which was 6 years ago. Fortunately, Rockstar did release GTA Online, which makes it easier to wait for the next game in the series. However, it’s about time that the studio begins developing GTA 6, especially since Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched already and no other projects have been announced by Rockstar.

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