The Newest iOS Jailbreak Rumors – What Show We Expect in January?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are conscious that it is not easy to get hold of exploits and cracks. A few years ago it would not be hard to find some exploits for leading messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp or an iOS jailbreak. However, hackers are not giving up, and they keep trying to come up with something good enough to make public.

A company that is in the business of buying software exploits, Zerodium, offers a reward to any hacker that could come up and share their discoveries. Not so much time ago they decided to double the rewards for exploits and iOS jailbreaks to an astonishing $1 million and $2 million respectively as they twitted.

You can see from the sums offered that there is a challenge in providing Zerodium with what they want. Even though there are a lot of exploits available online, the risks involved are gigantic. Be careful with what you get online!

This company is offering the highest rewards in comparison with other similar organizations. They are also offering payment to researchers that are willing to report flaws they find in the programs run by Microsoft, Google, and Apple. This way the exploits or bugs will be patched as soon as they are reported.

Hackers should be happy enough with that amount of money as the reward is not limited to only finding exploits for the mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Zerodium itself advertises as the company that pays the highest rewards in the industry because they know exactly that if they find a good team of researchers and hackers they will multiply their revenue no matter how much the rewards offered by them will grow if they will do so.

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