iOS 13: Release Date and Some Likely Features

As it happens every year, numerous users are impatiently awaiting the launch of the newest version of iOS. This year’s release will be highly important for Apple, who will try to recover after the not too successful 2018. Some of the latest rumors seem to suggest that the company is already working on iOS 13, expected to bring many exciting new features.

Some iPhones already run iOS 13

According to reports from the beginning of this month, some iPhones are already using the upcoming iOS 13. MacRumors recently stated that some users of their website access it from devices running iOS 13, as it can be seen in their Apple IP addresses. First visitors with the next gen iOS were noticed back in October and their number has been constantly growing since then.

iOS 13 might be released in June

While it is not impossible that some iPhones could be already using iOS 13, we need to mention that this upcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system has not been released yet. The official launch of iOS 13 might happen sometime in June, during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Most reports seem to agree on this, so users will still have to wait a few more months before they can get iOS 13.

New likely features of iOS 13

iOS 13 is expected to bring some truly exciting features. When it comes to iPads, these devices will soon have a Split View multitasking mode and more advanced photo management options. The Files app and Home Screen app grid are rumored to be significantly overhauled. Amongst other introductions we might finally see the dark mode and Dock management. Also, users will be able to choose default Maps, Mail and Messages apps.

We all need to remember that these are just rumors, which are surely going to grow in numbers until the upcoming iOS 13 is finally released.

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