Google Play Store (Android TV) 13.1.31 APK Has Been Released Today

People are always comparing Android to iOS and it’s nearly impossible for one of the two operating systems to come out as a winner in this comparison. Both of them offer premium user experiences and a plethora of features such as Google Maps and iTunes for example which have been designed for the sole purpose of making people’s lives easier. However, if there is something that we all can agree on, then it has to be the fact that Google has the upper hand when it comes to software updates.

Google holds the title of being one of the world’s biggest tech and software companies. This means that Google has a large team of developers who are working full time in order to keep improving the performances of the Android operating system and they do this through APK updates. Talking about APK updates, we have some great news for Android fans!

Google Play Store (Android TV) 13.1.31 APK

Android fans should be happy to know that Google has released a brand-new update for the Android TV version of Google Play Store. The update was released earlier today and as previously mentioned, it’s available in the form of APK. Therefore, Android users who want to get the new update for their smart TV need to do it manually because this is how APK updates work.

Improved Software Stability

The reason why all Android fans should get the new Google Play Store (Android TV) update as soon as possible is because it comes with a handful of software tweaks that improve the service’s software stability. Considering that the Google Play Store (Android TV) is the platform where Android fans can get all the apps, games and services that they need for their smart TVs, then we have to categorize this update as a top priority.

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