Facebook Lite Beta APK Update Arrives Today!

Facebook is used by more than one billion people all around the world every single day. The fact that so many people are using this social media platform speaks volumes about the features and user experiences that Facebook has to offer. On the downside of things, Facebook takes up lots of internal storage space and it required a strong internet connection in order to work. This makes it difficult for people who own entry-level smartphones to access all of Facebook’s features.

Luckily, the developers behind Facebook have thought of this issue and they have come up with a solution! The solution is called Facebook Lite and just as its name implies, this is a stripped down version of Facebook that ships with the same premium features while lowering the system requirements that the app needs in order to work.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

Since we are talking about Facebook Lite, we need to mention that this app receives lots of updates that improve its performances every single week. In fact, a brand-new APK update has just arrived for the beta version of the app and it changes Facebook Lite’s build number to beta.

First off, APK updates are not released OTA (over the air) and instead, Facebook Lite users need to manually download and install them on their smartphones. In addition, this APK update is targeted to beta users and therefore, it might have some issues with its stability but things like this rarely happen with Facebook Lite because the app is used by so many people that the developers are not willing to take a chance.


Now that we went over the latest APK update for Facebook Lite, we also note that the app weighs in at only 10MB! Therefore, Facebook Lite lives up to its “Lite” name and to make things even better, it requires a minimum of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system in order to function.

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