The Windows 10 Ecosystem is Completely Fragmented

Microsoft aimed to unify the Windows platform with the release of Windows 10. Like all grand corporate schemes it failed miserably since many users are doing everything they can in order to avoid the updates that are released for the operating system.

According to official statistics offered by a reliable third-party only 6.6% of Windows 10 PCs are running the latest update. An overwhelming 83.6% are running the April 2018 update while 5.7% are using the Fall Creators update. The list goes on with a few minor numbers, including a tiny 0.3% which is represented by users that decided to stick with the launch version of Windows 10.

The Windows 2018 Update is available for many users according to Microsoft but the reality is a bit different. The company is still avoiding a global release after the latest fiasco that led to countless forum threads. When the October 2018Update was first released it featured a system-breaking bug that deleted important user files from the Windows partition and overwrote the free space at the same time, leading to significant data loss for many users from all over the world. The incident may have played an important role in discouraging people from updating their devices.

Microsoft has also acknowledged begrudgingly that a wider release is blocked by several issues, including compatibility with certain parts from Intel and AMD.

Since Windows10 receives a new major update every 6 months the next one should be released in April. The update is currently in development under the name of 19H1 and it may fix many of the issues that continue to plague the OS.

The Redmond company may decide to scrap the October 2018 Update completely in favor of a more polished April one. While releasing a new substantial update every 6 months looked like a good idea at first a more relaxed schedule should allow Microsoft to optimize future updates in order to avoid shameful incident.

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