Rockstar Is Hiring Developers – Could This Have Anything to Do with GTA 6?

Rockstar Games wants to hire developers for some unannounced “next-generation” projects, so should we assume that one of them is GTA 6?

The news comes from several job listings that were recently spotted online

A few job listings for the company’s New York and India divisions were spotted. According to GameSpot, the first listing describes the job offer for a senior environment artist who would join the Rockstar India office. The person they are searching for is expected to create “next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects”. Also, the same branch seems to be looking for a vehicle artist, which could be a hint to GTA 6, since there are plenty of all kinds of vehicles that can be found in GTA 6. After all, the game is a next-generation project.

When it comes to the job listing for the Rockstar New York studio, it looks like the company is searching for a MoCap tools developer. In this particular offer, we also see the words “next generation” being mentioned. Moreover, some “future titles” are reported in the job offer for a technical face developer – someone who is supposed to be in charge of researching and developing a new technology.

Additionally, Rockstar Toronto is in search for new people that could work on various projects that will be using the next-generation technology.

Could this be about GTA 6?

So far, we only have details about these job listings that were recently posted online. It seems that we will get more open world stuff from Rockstar in the future, but should we assume that they need these people to help them develop GTA 6? Or is there something else unexpected in the making? What we know so far is that Rockstar is definitely working on the next-gen GTA 6, so we can only hope that this is the reason behind the job listings.

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