CES 2019: Google Assistant Will Be Included In 1 Billion Devices By The End Of January

There’s a lot that happened at CES 2019 before the show floor opened up.

As Engadget reported, TVs have played a large part on what went on there.

The manufacturers have unveiled a bunch of 8K sets, including Samsung’s Q900 and also an LG Signature roll-up TV that hides when it’s not being used.

This is not including support for Apple whose tech has been “surprisingly ubiquitous at pre-CES events,” as Engadget puts it.

Google Assistant will come with 1 billion devices 

Now, regarding the Google Assistant which has been battling Amazon’s Alexa for the most dominant voice companions, it’s interesting to find out that the Google Assistant will be included on 1 billion devices by the end of this month, according to Google.

This includes Android and iOS smartphones, various display units such as Google Home, plus TVs, speakers like Google home, watches and more.

At CES, Google said that the Assistant is currently available in 30 languages and 80 countries.

This is quite an achievement if we consider the fact that it was available in eight languages and 14 countries back in 2017.

At a Global level, Google also made sure to highlight that the active users of Assistant have increased four times over the past year.

Google’s Playground at CES

At CES, Google has a massive booth called “The Playground” according to USA Today, and here they are showcasing Google Assistant on various products.

The company said that its presence at CES is three times larger than it has been in 2018 and they also plan to show off the company’s product launches “focused on showcasing the helpfulness of the Assistant across the home, car and mobile devices.”

To stay posted on what goes on at CES, we recommend that you go and check out the official CES website here. We’ll also keep you posted with the most exciting and important announcements and presentations.

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