VidMate Fans Can Enjoy Software Tweaks And Bug Fixes With 3.6204 APK Update

VidMate app has been in the spotlight throughout 2018, and it’s still making headlines, but it’s no wonder.

VidMate is an extremely popular application to hold on your smartphone, and this is the main reason for which more and more people become its fans, and the user community is continually growing.

You can use it to download online music, podcasts and more. VidMate fans are getting some exciting news these days after the developers have decided to release a new APK update for the application. The update is pretty important, and it’s focused on improving its overall performance and the UX.

Not a regular OTA update

First of all, it’s important to mention that the latest VidMate update is not a regular over the air update.

The reason for this is that the app’s developers have decided to release the update as an APK. In other words, all VidMate fans who are interested in using the latest update have to manually download it and then install it on their phones.

As you probably know by now, before you’re able to do this, you will have to enable the Unknown Sources option.

Bug fixes and software tweaks 

You can download the 3.6204 build number for the VidMate app here. If you’re still wondering why do developers have to release the updates for this app in APK form rather than OTA, well, the reason is not that complicated.

VidMate has the option of downloading online videos from all over the place online, and this is why it does not comply with the Terms of Sevice of the official Google Play Store.

Anyway, the latest update brings various software tweaks and also comes with bug fixes.

The update will enhance the download speeds, and this can be achieved because the software tweaks enhance the overall performance and stability of the application.

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