1 Billion Devices Will Have Google’s Assistant Until the End of January, According to the Tech Giant

On Monday we had an announcement from Google that its Assistant will most probably become integrated in as much as a billion devices by the end of this month. This includes Android tablets and phones.

Google will showcase Google Assistant during the CES event

The statement given by Google is actually coinciding with the beginning of the CES event, the yearly technological conference from Las Vegas that is happening this week. The company has already made its presence felt right before the start of the event, through a huge ad that was placed on a hotel next to the convention center where CES is hosted. During this year’s event, we expect attendees to get an idea about how the Google Assistant works and how it can be used in our daily lives.

As a comparison to the prediction made by Google as to how many devices will have Google Assistant by the end of January, Amazon said last Friday that it sold over 100 million Alexa devices so far. Taking into consideration the fact that the company is not so present in the phones market, that’s quite an impressive number.

What else to expect from CES 2019

We expect for Google to make quite a few announcements together with some of its partners during the tech show that currently takes place. It looks like the Google Assistant will slowly make its way into more different types of home devices, so who knows what the future brings? Also, we expect device makers to become more flexible when it comes to the voice assistants. We’ve heard that some companies are starting to introduce devices that are going to be compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. This will allow users to choose whichever they prefer, so this is great news.

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