These Are the Best 3 Live TV Streaming Services

We know that people don’t watch TV anymore. They watch their favorite shows online. So, naturally, they’re looking for the best sites to watch them. There are many options out there, and we’re here to tell you about them.


This one has a free trial of 30 days and it has the well-known major networks, like Fox, CBS, ABC, CW and NBC. It has a TV library, on-demand movies, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 55 channels live, but the networks are available, depending on the location.

It comes with sports channels, too, 12 to be exact. You can record them and then see them later. You can categorize them into a ‘favorites’ tab.


Philo got born in 2017 and it got its popularity due to the fact that it has low-cost channels. You get about 46 channels, it really depends on your subscription plan. Because of the low prices, you may not get the expensive channels together with this service – like the national or the sports networks. But you have other things to enjoy, like food networks, entertainment and lifestyle networks.

Play Station Vue

We think this one is the most impressive from this list, because of its interface that’s so easy to use. The DVR has an unlimited storage facility. You can skip all of the commercials or any show that you don’t like at all times. The shows on the DVR will stay there for 28 days.

There are not many channels, tho. And, of course, you won’t need a PlayStation 4 to watch the channels. It even has several streaming devices, like Fire TV or Apple TV. But if you want the best experience, you should get a PS4.

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