Dragon Age 4: Check Out This Mind Blowing Theory

Despite the fact that BioWare only offered us a brief tease, numerous theories were born after watching it. Fans used every little bit of information and they managed to discover something for every detail. Diving deep into it seemed to be successful, and one of the fans came up with a complex theory about the teaser.

Reddit User Nouvlesse posted online her theory about the teaser. And it is a good one. “I don’t want to say that I had an ‘epiphany’ last night, because I’m probably completely wrong, but I found that the murals from the Trespasser DLC have some extraordinary connections to certain codex entries that I never realized had anything in common before,” she began.

Codex correlations

“In elvehn lore, the Fade is said to reside in the sky. In fact, Skyhold, theorized to be the location in which Solas created the Veil, is known as Tarasyl’an Te’las in ancient elvish: “the place where the sky is kept” or, more specifically, “the place where the sky was held back,” she started explaining. If we take a look at the teaser, the black background could represent the night. There are also yellow triangles which can be considered stars. Here is how the theory continues:

“In some of Cole’s banter with Solas and Varric, he talks about how once “everything sang the same” and then “the song was sundered” (i.e. split apart). I believe that these two symbols represent how lyrium once ‘sung the same’, but most likely due to the creation of the Veil, or perhaps a different cataclysmic event entirely, the once unified song became discordant and split into two separate entities. In Dragon Age: Awakening, Justice says that lyrium doesn’t sing in the Fade and regrets his inability to bring the music there for the other spirits to hear. Maybe this also has something to do with red lyrium and regular lyrium both singing different songs? Also, if you look closely, the border that surrounds both the golden and blue orb mirrors the border that surrounds what appears to be the Black City in the middle. This may indicate that they are connected or the same, and symbolize a ‘barrier’ of sorts, perhaps separating lyrium from the raw Fade, and separating the Black City inside the Void?”

Nouvlesse makes numerous strong points, and we recommend you to read her entire theory. She also explains how the seven gates could represent the Old Gods prisons. She mentions the lyrium, the mural, the blight, and many other interesting points.

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  1. Well, dont see anything mind blowing. Yes, its name sky and hold may give that idea, but than again we dont have any answers to, like who build it, why was it abandoned, and if it was the place of creation, why it has ferelden design and not elven? Likely its just an abandoned ferelden castle. Its very location high in the mountains might have something to do with its name.

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