Google Has to Remove Apps from Google Play Store Again, Due to Malware

When talking about online security, when there’s no news, that’s actually a good sign. Online threats are everywhere and they evolve a lot, and that’s why we need to hear things about the new dangers and how to deal with all of them, but not when all we hear are security issues about one particular product. We’re not pleased to hear that there are many other malware apps that were removed from the Google Play Store. and the worst part is that, before they were removed, about 2 million people have downloaded them.

Google was basically forced to pull out more malware apps from the Google Play Store. according to some reports, we’re talking about 22 apps that contained backdoor malware. Those who had no idea and downloaded the apps welcomed a lot of issues on their devices and even created backdoors for hackers to download files from their services.

How are they dangerous?

And that’s not all – the users who downloaded these 22 apps kept growing. The apps click on dangerous ads and then drain the battery really fast. They continue to run in the background, even after users have closed them, which means that it drained mobile data and battery. And even if they were removed from the Google Play Store, there’s a high chance they’re still on millions of phones.

Be careful! If you have any of those 22 apps on your phones, you must delete them as soon as possible. This kind of incidents happen a lot and it’s a pain in the back for both Google and its users. In the last year, we had hundreds of malware infecting apps, that ended up being removed from the Play Store. and all of them had hundreds of millions of downloads.

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