Brawl Stars: The 3 Best Brawlers out There

You probably want to be the game in the Supercell’s new mobile game. There are many tips and tricks out there on how to make the most out of your heroes.

But how can you know which one is the best? We’ve written this article to give you a tier list.


  • Its Health is 3,200 – 4,480.
  • Its Attack is 500 – 700.

When it comes to weapons, it has Spinner Blades, and Leon moves its wrist quickly and shoots four Spinner Blades

Its Super is Smoke Bomb, and Leon’s turns him invisible for about 10 seconds. If he tries to attack while invisible, then he will be revealed.

Its Star is Smoke Trail, and after it unlocks his Star Power, Leon will experience an increase in movement speed when his Super is active.


  • Its Health is 2,400 – 3,360
  • Its Attack is 480 – 672

When it comes to weapons, it has Needle Grenade, and Spike can throw a small cactus that eventually explodes and it shoots spikes in different directions.

Its Super is Stick Around!, and Spike sends invitations to a cactus party. If enemies are caught in that area, they will get slowed down.

Its Star Power is Fertilize, and after it uses Super, Spike regenerates 500 health every second.


  • Its Health is 2,800 – 3,920
  • Its Attack is 1,100 – 1,540

When it comes to weapons, it has Rockin’ Rocket, and Brock flies with one Rockin’ Rocket that can go further away.

Its Super is Rocket Rain, and Brock can see you bathing in Rocket Rain – an explosion that takes out all the enemies.

Its Star Power is Incendiary, and Brock’s main attack set the ground on fire. Enemies take 240 damage each second if they are in the area.

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