Slightly Mad Studio’s CEO Said That Project Cars 3 Is Going to Provide a Better Experience

The CEO of Slightly Mad Studio, who’s named Ian Bell has made some comments on the game Project CARS 3, and has made us understand better the direction of the soon-to-appear racer game.

We’ve written this article to give you some more details about this game.

The game will have a more structured approach

It all started with some posts on the GTPlanet forums, where Bell said that the game Project CARS 3 would take cues from Need for Speed Shift, because the team behind the game wants to give us a fun game, and not a sandbox – not anymore. So we get from this that we’re going to have a more structured approach, which will make the game offer a better experience, of high quality, and not just a simple one. However, it will come with more variables.

We will get a more detailed simulation of the game

Bell also wanted to assure the gamers that the roots of Project CARS 3 will still be in the simulation end of the spectrum of the game, due to the fact that fans might think that a more arcade experience will be materialized. He also said that the third title would come with a more detailed simulation. We cannot do anything but wait and see how that will work out.

However, it’s all still on paper

He has also confirmed that the game, Project CARS 3 is actually still simply designed on a paper, so there might be changes in plan. It’s all a work in progress. The CEO of Slightly Mad Studios also talked about the eight members that used to be part of the former Evolution Studios team, that is currently working at his studio.

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