Microsoft Edge Beta Version Available to Download for iOS users

Many users continue to claim that Microsoft’s default browser is not good but it seems that the scorned program is branching out to mobile devices.

Android users can already download Microsoft Edge on their device and the app has achieved 5 million downloads.

The app was well-received with an average score of 4.4 out of 5. It is particularly useful for Windows 10 users as they have the ability to seamlessly switch between the platforms without interrupting the session.

The Microsoft team was hard at work during the holiday season and released a new version of the iOS beta app.

The iOS beta version has received a selection of new features that make it more useful.

A new picture-in-picture mode will allow users to play their favourite videos while continuing to browse webpages at the same time. The video will become a floating widget that can be easily moved around the screen in order to facilitate other tasks.

Your browsing experience will be more secure with the introduction of an innovative flagging system. The Microsoft Edge MMX feature will use NewsGuard in order to asses the security level of search results and webpages. This will allow users to avoid potentially harmful content that could  infect their device and lead to several problems, including the loss of valuable personal data.

Parents will be able to create a personalized news feed for their kids, which offers fun and interesting educational content that is just a few taps away. This is particularly useful for parents that decide to buy a smartphone for a younger audience since it will likely keep their kids away from unsavoury content.

Those who wish to access the beta for the app can find and download the latest version by using the TestFlight app. Keep in mind that you may encounter some bugs but this is normal while using a beta app.

A stable version should be released on the App Store in the following weeks if the testing process goes well.

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