Facebook Lite – The Same Plethora of Features, Lower Smartphone Requirements

If you are an avid Facebook user but hate the fact that the social media app is taking up all of your smartphone’s resources, then you arrived at the right place. The reason why we are saying this is because there is a way to still benefit from all the features that Facebook has to offer while freeing up your smartphone’s internal storage space and removing the toll that Facebook takes on your smartphone’s CPU, GPU and RAM. The way to avoid all of this while still getting the plethora of features that the social media app has to offer is to use the Lite version of it!

Facebook Lite

The developers who are in charge of Facebook know that not all people can afford to purchase high-end smartphones such as Pixel 3 or iPhone XS and therefore, they decided to create a Lite version of the app. Just as its name implies, Facebook Lite is small in size and its software has been optimized to use as little resources as possible.

However, the best thing about Facebook Lite is the fact that it still ships with the same plethora of features that the original app is known for. In fact, let’s check out which are some of Facebook Lite’s best features.

Socialize with Friends

The reason why Facebook is now the world’s most popular social media app is because it makes it easier for people to communicate with their friends and family members. Not just that, but everyone owns a Facebook profile nowadays and thus, Facebook Lite will make it easier for you to find your old high school friends.

Follow Celebrities and Brands

The coolest feature that Facebook Lite offers is the ability to follow celebrities and brands that you like. Let’s say for example you are a fan of Nike, then you can follow the company’s official page and you will get all the latest Nike news in your newsfeed.

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