Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store – Numbers and Advantages Comparison

Numbers comparison

To make sure that the comparison between the Google Play Store and Apple App store is accurate, we will take a closer look at the numbers.


When it comes to revenue, in the first six months of 2018, it looks that Apple App Store generated almost double the revenue of Google Play Store that on half the downloads.

Because we said we would talk in numbers, Google Play’s revenue raises to $11.8 billion while, as mentioned before, App Store’s is almost doubled at $22.6 billion. It looks like people spend more money on App Store than they do on Google Play.

Even though Android is way more used than Apple’s IOS, it looks like when it comes to numbers; Apple Store overdoes Play Store. However, we need to take into consideration the fact that Google Play is not available for everyone, especially for China whose population would totally modify those numbers.


Now, analyzing the growth of these apps, we can see that Google Play takes in this case the first prize with an increase of 29.7 percent compared to Apple’s 26.8 percent.

Users of both apps were more interested in games than in other types of apps, both the Apple Store and Play Store’s revenue coming from the sales of games.

App Numbers

Based on, the amount of apps provided by Google Play store is more extensive than the Apple App Store being of 2.8 apps.

Apple’s App Store is placed in the second place with 2.2 million apps available.

At least no matter which App Store users access they have a wide range of possibilities to choose from and who would not enjoy that, right?

Even without comparing these two apps we can say that without a doubt they are making phone users’ lives easier.

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