PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: Will They Have 8 to 12 GB of RAM?

We’ve read all the rumors out there about the next generation consoles. Now, there are many questions out there about what should we expect from the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Sony and Microsoft try their best to achieve their goals – major hardware – through new iteration for their consoles.

But what do PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have for us?

The technical director from Cradle Games, a long-time runner of the AAA game industry, with 15 years worth of experience, and the developers on soon-to-hit-the-maker Hellpoint think that the jump to major hardware is not going to be that big. Talking specifically to GamingBolt, they say that the consoles will have RAM from  8 to 12, because 16 GB of RAM is just beyond the scope of what the games use these days. 16 GB of RAM is not something that games use – it’s actually quite too much. They also said that we’re probably going to see great amount of cores. He said that the next-gen Ryzen 2600 is probably going to be a hit, since it’s cheap and very stable, and it has a good amount of cores, too.

But he also said that the consoles will have a lot of VRAM, and not a unified memory pool, thing that will help them get to the 4K graphics, and they will bring the memory pool to be available to developers that are beyond the present 8GB, that are offered by the PS4 and Xbox One. They will probably focus more of the VRAM, which is great for 4K games, because they take a lot of space.

We don’t really know when or how this will happen, and how they’re going to split between RAM and VRAM, but we cannot do anything but wait and see.

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