JioTV 5.5.4 APK – New Bug Fixes Enhance Software Stability

Does anyone still watch their favorite shows and movies on TV anymore? New-age media is taking over the world and there’s no doubt about that. The perfect example of this is how online platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are visited by millions of users every single day. Not just that but people don’t really have a reason to tune in to their TV and have to sit through hours of annoying ads in order to get access to their favorite TV shows or movies when they can simply use an app such as JioTV instead.

Introducing JioTV

JioTV is a powerful app that gives users the ability to stream live shows and all other types of entertaining videos ranging from kid’s shows and ending with interesting movies. Therefore, no one has to be subscribed to their cable network provider anymore.

Nonetheless, the reason why JioTV is making headlines today is because the Android version of the app has just received a brand-new update. The update is available in the form of APK and it enhances the app’s overall performances through the addition of new bug fixes and software tweaks which is always better than receiving new features.

JioTV 5.5.4 APK

The latest APK update for JioTV sports the 5.5.4 build number and it can be downloaded for free. The update doesn’t introduce any exciting features and it focuses on enhancing JioTV’s software stability and the app’s ability to stream TV shows. Therefore, we advise all JioTV fans to head over to the app’s official website and the APK as soon as they can. We should note that since this is an APK update, all JioTV fans who want to install it on their smartphones need to head over to the Settings panel and enable the “Unknown Sources” feature.

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