iPhone 11 Concept Revealed In A New Video

The buzz created by the 2018 iPhone models, iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, is far from ending, regardless of the new Apple smartphones’ ups and downs. But some people are already looking into the future to the next year’s iPhone 11 or XI, or whatever the Cupertino-based company will decide to name. In this regard, a new iPhone 11 concept came to light in a new video on YouTube.

iPhone 11 Concept Shows a 2019 iPhone Model With Infinity-O Display

Thanks to the render that goes by the nickname of Concept Creator on YouTube, we could enjoy a fantastic iPhone 11 concept. However, Concept Creator did not base its creation on actual fact, but on the rumors on the primary 2019 iPhone model, which emerged on the Internet lately.

According to this new iPhone 11 concept, the 2019 iPhone model would boast Infinity-O display technology, designed by Samsung and for which Apple signed a deal with the South Korean company.

The Infinity-O which would replace the notch with punch-holes in the screen for the selfies cameras. That would also mean that iPhone 11 would come out with almost no bezels.

iPhone 11 Would Boast Two Selfies Cameras

As revealed in the new iPhone 11 concept, the 2019 iPhone model would boast a triple-camera setup on its back and a dual-camera system on the front. So, each of the two selfies cameras would sit in its own punch-hole.

Besides all that, according to the Concept Creator’s iPhone 11 concept, the next year’s Apple’s primary smartphone might also feature a significant change in design as it could come out with brushed metallic edges. That would be an excellent feat for Apple, and the fans the would love it.

To see for yourself everything we talked about in this article, but also to learn more about the upcoming iPhone XI, you can watch the iPhone 11 concept video below.

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