iPad Pro 11 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Which Tablet will Become a Winner in 2019 

Once, tablets where very popular, but their market lost a lot of customers since smartphones became so evolved. Even so, a few tablets can still compete for becoming users’ favorite in 2019. They are so high-tech and powerful that can easily replace laptops, therefore people who want to buy a tablet will have to make a difficult choice.

Samsung and Apple remain the most important competitors when it comes to top-notch devices. Currently, Galaxy Tab S4 is considered to be the best Android tablet and this equipment stands in front of Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro.

The two gadgets have cool design, modern specs and outstanding features

If we analyse both tablets’ physical features and internal specs, we can find a lot of similarities between them. However, the difference is made by details.

The iPad Pro from Apple comes with A12X Bionic processor and this means that it wins on the performance category. The Galaxy Tab S4 features a chipset released by Qualcomm in 2017, the Snapdragon 835. A more powerful processor means cooler apps, games and better operational speed.

Both pads come in two variants – 64GB and 256GB internal storage. iPad Pro buyers can also choose a 512GB model or a version with 1TB and RAM of 6GB. On the other hand, Samsung’s tab is the only one provided with a slot for MicroSD card.

Another similarity is that both tablets have powerful, long-lasting batteries. A single charge lasts for at least 1 day, but none of the devices is water resistant. Users are strongly advised to use protective cases.

Last, but no least, we will mention the most important design feature – the display. The 11-inch iPad Pro packs a large display into a practical body. It has an IPS LCD screen, while the Galaxy Tab 4 features the AMOLED variant. But wait! The whole package is important, so if you want to buy a tablet until the end of 2018 or in 2019 look for more information on each and decide which suits you best.

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