Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Recent Information: What We Know So Far?

Microsoft is preparing some exciting improvements for its long-awaited devices in 2019. The Surface Pro 7 is expected to come with eye-catching design and outstanding internal updates. The previous release from the Surface series, the Pro 6, impressed with the internal capacity and technical specs, but users were disappointed to see the design flaws.

The Surface Pro 6 arrived at the end of this year, but it looks like Microsoft is already preparing to launch the next device from the line. Fans are getting anxious to see what the Pro 7 will bring, especially since they heard that developers are working on a new design with the same cool technical specs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will amaze its users with an innovative design and modern specs

The latest news connected to the 7th device from the Microsoft Surface Pro series says that the manufacturing process involves an etching keyboard. Designers made this move because they want to obtain a thinner product. Besides, the manufacturers are trying to integrate a new trackpad directly into keyboard’s circuit board.

If the keyboard is thinner, the tablet will feature some changes as well. As we can imagine, the tablet has to be significantly smaller for employing reduced bezels. In case this new design will be applied, the Surface Pro 7 component will be similar to the most recent iPad Pro models released by Apple.

Considering its parts component parts, the new equipment from Microsoft will, most certainly, be 20% lighter than the currently in-use device. Furthermore, it will have a more rounded shape and a practical USB-C port. We don’t know when Surface Pro 7 might be released, but based on previous experience we might think that October 2019 is a good guess.

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