Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update – Here’s What You Need to Know

There aren’t that many games that offer the same cross-platform playability as Minecraft does. This game is so popular that it can be played basically on all platforms, smartphones included. Since we are talking about Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we need to mention that the developers of the game have recently released a brand-new APK that introduces lots of cool features and important bug fixes.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Update

Minecraft fans who love playing the game on their Android-powered smartphones should be happy to know that a new update has arrived. The update is available in the form of APK which means that Minecraft fans need to download and install it manually. We know, having to manually install an update can be annoying and time consuming, but we guarantee that it is worth it!

Update Requirements

Before we get into the features and bug fixes that the new update contains, we also need to mention that this is a fairly large update which measures in at 85.51MB. Not just that, but the update also requires Minecraft fans to have a smartphone that runs on Android 4.2 or higher.

In addition, all Minecraft fans who want to install the new APK update need to head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option since the update is not arriving OTA (over the air) from the Google Play Store.

What’s New?

  • Fallout mash-up pack;
  • Power Ranger Skin Pack;
  • Bug Fixes;


Even though it might not seem like this is such an important update at first glance, it actually is. The two new features that the update introduces are great and to make things even better, the bug fixes improve the overall gameplay experience of Minecraft: Pocket Edition by making the game more stable and reliable than usual.

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