GTA VI – Top Five Most Exciting Rumors and Speculations

It’s been five years since GTA V launched and despite this, GTA V is still one of the most popular games in the world. To make things even better, Rockstar Games has kept the GTA franchise alive by constantly releasing updates for the Online version of GTA V and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that GTA VI is the most anticipated game of 2019. On the downside of things, Rockstar Games has yet to make any announcement regarding the game’s official launch date and features.

The World’s Most Anticipated Game

GTA V has generated billions in revenue for Rockstar Games and everyone’s jaw dropped when the game developer announced that GTA VI is not going to be developed anytime soon. This didn’t make sense at first, but it’s all clear now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out. Rockstar Games wanted to focus all its attention on Red Dead Redemption 2 and it was all worth it because this game was the runner-up for the GOTY (game of the year) award in 2018. Nonetheless, where does this leave GTA VI?

Now that we made it clear why Rockstar Games had to switch its attention from the GTA franchise over to Red Dead Redemption, we will go over the top five GTA VI rumors so that everyone can get an idea of what to expect from the next game that Rockstar Games is going to launch.

Top Five GTA VI Rumors

Before we get into it, we need to mention that all the rumors that we are going to present should be taken with the necessary grain of salt. We have no way of knowing if they will be proven to be true, but they are the most reliable ones on the web. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 2021 Launch Date

Game analysts believe that GTA VI is going to hit the markets somewhere in 2021. The reason behind this is because Rockstar Games usually leaves an eight years gap between its biggest titles. Take Red Dead Redemption 1 and its successor for example. Therefore, we might have to wait until 2020 until Rockstar Games announces GTA VI.

#2 Next-Generation Console

The other reason why Rockstar Games wants to wait until 2021 is because the game developer wants to give Microsoft and Sony enough time for them to release their next-gen consoles. This makes sense because GTA VI is surely going to ship with amazing graphics and a higher FPS cap that current-gen consoles can’t run without overheating and crashing.

#3 Multiple Countries

The action in all GTA titles until now has taken place in a city from the US. Well, it looks this might not be the case for GTA VI. The most reoccurring rumor about GTA VI on forums and subreddits is that the game is going to feature multiple countries and that players will get missions such as smuggling drugs overseas via airplanes. This is surely an interesting idea that gives room to the scriptwriters to create lots of exciting missions.

#4 VR Technology

The VR market is booming and there is no doubt about that. Therefore, we believe that Rockstar Games might want a “piece of the cake” and that it will introduce VR support in GTA VI. Considering that GTA V can be played both in first-person and third-person mode, we think that the idea of VR support in GTA VI is not for that crazy.

#5 Customizable Characters

The last rumor that we want to present in our list is about the main characters. Rumor has it that Rockstar Games wants to make the upcoming GTA VI the first ever GTA title where players can customize the protagonist. Now, this would be really awesome!

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