Chrome OS-like History Gestures Might Become Available On Google Chrome For Android

Gesture navigation features have become common amongst device manufacturers since modern smartphones are larger than their predecessors. With gestures, it can become easier for a person to use their phone with just one hand.

When it comes to Android, most devices running Android Pie already have gesture controls. However, Google is also focusing on apps. It appears that Google Chrome might become the next application which will receive gestures. The tested gestures appear to be created for the browsing history.

Chrome gestures

Google Chrome is the default browser on most Android devices so we can understand why Google would want to upgrade it. The gestures might allow us soon to navigate forward and backward between pages by using just right or a left swipe. This is something that already exists in Chrome OS and macOS, but Android users did not have it yet.

Chrome Story first reported that gesture navigation is coming for the Google Chrome browser on Android. The information came from a recent commit. There is another commit which tells us how to enable the feature.

In order to enable it you need to head over to chrome://flags and look for the gesture-nav flag. Obviously, you won’t be able to see it now, but it should be there once the feature is launched. Now we just have to wait for the commits to merge and receive the feature.

Users will definitely enjoy using left and right swipes gestures to navigate in the Google Chrome browser as it makes things a lot easier. The Chrome Canary channel will be the first one to receive the feature (if it is released) so you should keep an eye on it if you want to be the first one who gets the news.

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