Error 3194 – What It Is And How To Fix It

Error 3194 shows up when you’re trying to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or other Apple products to a new version of its operating system, or restoring it from a backup….

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Touch ID not working

Touch ID Not Working [Full Fix]

Touch ID authenticates your identity on iPhone or iPad, so if it’s not working, you won’t be able to use fingerprint scans to unlock and access your device. You won’t…

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Google Home won't connect to WiFi

Google Home Won’t Connect To WiFi – Here’s What To Do

In order to use Google Home, you need an active internet connection such as WiFi before you can connect it to wireless devices, play music, give directions, check the weather…

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See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android – Administrator Access and Network Key Applications

As we all know, we sometimes forget our passwords, we are humans, it can happen. But if you don’t save your password in a notebook or somewhere else, what can…

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waiting for wifi

Google Photos App Waiting For WiFi? Get The Fix Here

Have you tried backing up your pictures to Google Photos app when connected to WiFi and found that it didn’t actually back them up? You probably even set Google Photos…

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