Unplug Charger

Fix Unplug Charger Message on Google Pixel Phone

When you get the “unplug charger” message on your Google Pixel phone, it could mean one of two things: either the charging cable or the USB-C port is heating up…

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How To Fix Chromecast Not Working

Chromecast is Google’s ultra-portable media-streaming device that you can add to any home entertainment system, and simply plug and play to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, or your phone. If…

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Gmail Not Loading In Chrome [SOLVED]

Are you having problems with Gmail not loading in Chrome browser? Even though it’s one of the most popular browsers today, Chrome is still prone to issues like other web…

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Google Play Store Update Brings Critical Bug Fixes

All Android owners know that the most important source for downloading games and apps for their smartphones is the Google Play Store. Google is really serious when it comes to…

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Android Q Beta 4

How to get Android Q Beta 4 On Xiaomi Phone

You can get Android Q beta 4 on Xiaomi phone as its now available, but soon other compatible devices will get it too. Its no longer the reserve of Google…

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