Candy Crush Soda Saga – Tips to Beat any Level

This game, which is available right now for Facebook and Android, represents a hyper version of the immensely popular Candy Crush Saga. Besides dealing with the candy that you already know so well, you will also find gummy bears, sodas and cupcakes, among others. Those who already played Candy Crush won’t have a problem in getting the hang of this one. However, even them might benefit from taking a look at these tips.

Make combos of special candies

Candy Crush Soda Saga has many pieces with special powers: some make a whole row disappear, while others remove all the candy with the same color. On their own, these pieces are very useful, but combined, even more so.

Keep your soda level above the bears

The goal of some levels is to make the gummy bears reach the row of candy that’s at the top of the screen. To do this, you must make the bear go up, but the soda level has to go up at the same time.

Befriend the fish

The special fish pieces have a great power: when you get rid of them, they take with them a bottle from the board, raising the soda level. Whenever you can, get rid of the fish and the level will be yours.

Pave the way

Some levels have obstacles, such as the cupcakes in the picture below. Before you start making candy combinations at random, try to get rid of them. To destroy the cupcakes, just make combos of the pieces that surround them. One to three moves, depending on the cupcake, should be enough to make them disappear.

Discover more on your own

This short article is just an initial form of guidance which is meant to improve your experience. The real test will be to actually playing the game and figuring out stuff on your own.

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