New Clash of Clans Update Download Available with War Leagues and Tornado Maps

Despite being released over six years ago, Clash of Clans consistently appears in top ten apps, both on Google Play and the App Store.

Offering an accessible yet challenging gameplay, Clash of Clans mixes base-building and real-time strategy, as millions of players clash around the world. The game is a freemium title, as you can download and play the game for free while having the option to pay real money for convenience items. The long-awaited October update has added a variety of new and useful features.  Read below for the most important highlights.

War Leagues

The first and most interesting new feature is the addition of War leagues, which aims to breathe some fresh air and make clan PvP more engaging.  A league will consist of eight clans which battle for supremacy. The wining clan will be promoted to a superior league, where the opposing 7 clans are more powerful and skilled in comparison to the previous ones. Each victory will allow the clan to climb through 18 ranks while collecting rewards on the way. After signing up you will face the first 7 clans, one per day and up to 15 clan members can join the battle.

League Medals

League medals will be received for participating in war leagues and they can be used in order to buy exclusive decorations and items from the League Shop.

New Tornado Trap

Available at the Town Hall when you reach level 11, the tornado trap will unleash furious winds, trapping enemy minions in a tight spot and giving you extra time to organize your defenses. The trap has three upgrades and it affects both ground and air units.

New Magic Hammer items

Available exclusively in the War League Shop, players can spend league medals in order to buy magic hammers which will grant a boon of their choice.

Seasonal content and quality of life


The shop user interface has been revamped and new Halloween content has been added to the game including brand-new single-player Goblin maps.

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