Minecraft 2 Will Not Be Released Anytime Soon

About 100 million people are monthly Minecraft players and more than 150 million copies of it have been sold since it got released. This is the second most sold game of all time after Tetris.

As this game brought so much success to its developers, Microsoft, it means that they might want to come with more in the gaming industry. The company paid $2.5 billion for Minecraft, so many other games should begin coming, so that they can get their money back. Who would not like to make some profit off of such an investment?

Apparently, not Microsoft.

According to the head of Minecraft at Microsoft, Helen Chiang, if we take into consideration the community, there is no need for another game. This is what she said over a phone interview for Business Insiders. She also added that the community is always fractured by something.

Every month, many of the 91 million-plus players enjoy mining and crafting together in groups. This is the community that Helen Chiang was referring to. This is also the reason that stays behind the name of the first new Minecraft which has not changed.

Instead of calling it Minecraft 2, the company decided to stick with Minecraft: Dungeons as it is a dungeon crawler game. It is based on the Diablo game, but se in the Minecraft Universe. During a livestreamed fan event, Minecon Earth, the game got revealed this weekend. Minecraft was created in a Swedish game studio called Mojang where this version of it got developed as well by a group.

Even though Minecraft: Dungeons looks like the original Minecraft, you will not be able to do that much of what you were used to. What we want to say is that this game does not include too much mining or crafting.

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