Grim Statistic as 80,000 Americans Died Due to Flu Last Year

Deaths caused by flu reached a record number of 80.000, the largest in four decades, according to officially released statistics.

180 children because of the flue and approximately 80% were not vaccinated against the flu. Most death cases, almost 90%, were registered in people over the age of 65, most likely do to existent diseases that were aggravated by the flu.

Over 90,000 American were also hospitalize due to related complications, according to a press release by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

Last year’s flu vaccine had the same efficiency as the one used in the prior season, but the dominant H3N2 strain was unusually aggressive as it lead to increased mortality rates. It is also important to note that while the strain is not pandemic, it is generally considered the most deadly out of the 4 seasonal flu strains.

In the last year, vaccine efficiency has ranged between 19 to 60 percent.  Even if the numbers are not impressive, experts encourage people to opt for the vaccine, as it creates immunity and may considerably reduce the risks that may appear after getting sick.

Below you can find what you should keep in mind when it comes to vaccines.

Are there any side effects caused by flu vaccines?

Yes, just like with any vaccine. Minor side effects like swelling, headaches and nausea are often encountered. In some occasions, fainting may also appear.

When should I take my flu shot?

It is recommended to get vaccinated before the flu season starts. The CDC advises people to take the shot before October ends. It is never too late, and even in January it can still make a difference.

Prices and where you can buy it

Most people that have insurance can go to clinic acknowledged by the insurance in order to get the vaccine for free according to the Affordable Care Act.

Some universities and pharmacy offers also offer it for free or at a lower cost.

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