Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2 is Out to Rock Your World – An Unforgettable Online RPG

It’s more than a week since Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2 was launched, and it’s now available on Game Hollywood. The world of RPG’s that can run directly into the browser has suddenly become richer, as the new title is available without the need of downloading it on your machine. You can play it on PCs or mobile devices such as those running on Android, iOS, etc.

If you prefer a lot of fantastic creatures such as demons and demi-humans in your gaming, it means that Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2 is clearly for you! You certainly won’t get bored playing the game, as the aforementioned creatures have their own particularities. Whether we’re talking about skills or attributes, they are different in the case of each demon, demi-human, and human from Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2.

Take the leading role of Lotus

The new browser game allows you to exercise your leading skills as you’re in the shoes of Lotus. As a player, you’ll have to engage in combat a lot and impose your will. The gameplay is not easy at all, as the game is made to test your ambition and skills to their maximum. But you’ll have certain advantages and even a strong team throughout the gameplay. Getting various pets and friends by your side will help you a lot. You’ll even have the chance of forming that team wisely, as any wrong move can turn against you during the battles. The fight for resources is crucial in Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2, as one of your goals is to gather as much as you can.

The new RPG will also allow players to engage in other exciting activities besides fighting and teamwork. You can even run a coffee shop and put your cooking abilities to the test by preparing foods. If you need to let your character refresh after long and exhausting battles, preparing a drink is also possible in Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2.

Another amazing aspect about the new RPG is that you even have certain advantages while you’re NOT playing the game. How is that possible? Simple: your friends can capture loot during your absence. In other words, you can succeed or fail in Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy 2 even while sleeping!

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